The capital of a company is also always in the minds of employees. SolPEG helps to multiply this capital. Benefit from our expertise in the field of photovoltaics. We organize seminars in Hamburg on a regular basis focussing on yield- and cost-optimized plant planning and simulation software PVSYST.

PVSYST training dates 2017
11. January 2017, Würzburg
23./24. February 2017, Hamburg
28./29. March 2017 Augsburg
20./21. April 2017 Köln
29./30. May 2017, M(uumll;nchen/Augsburg
06./07. July 2017, Stuttgart
16./17. August 2017, Augsburg
21./22. September 2017, Frankfurt
04./05. October 2017, Augsburg
16./17. November 2017, Berlin

Target audience: Planners and engineers
Content: Simulation of grid-connected pv-systems.Completely re-designed for new version 6! From basics to expertise. Topics e.g. meteo data, horizon & 3D shading, Detailed losses, tracking systems, module & inverter modeling, tools. "Learning by doing" with computer terminals for training exercises. Since more than 6 years SolPEG offers professional seminars for the software PVSYST.
Cost: 590 EUR per participant, ca. 12 participants
Duration: 2 Days
Registration: Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Köln, München, Augsburg
(Schedule subject to sufficient group size)






Since more than 6 years SolPEG offers professional seminars for the software PVSYST.
Further information
If there is a sufficient number of participants these seminars will be offered in other places and / or for an exclusive group of participants. We also offer trainings for other simulation programs, like PV*SOL or INSEL. In addition, we can lecture on other topics on one of your workshops and work out a customized seminar for you. Contact us at