Photovoltaic expertise / yield analysis
The energy yield of a PV system is crucial for the amortization of the investment. The assessment of various factors, such as local irradiation, shading, use of components, etc., requires profound expert knowledge and long experience, which is exactly what SolPEG stands for.
The high quality of our yield analysis expertises is reflected in the following characteristics:
  • Site visit to accurately detect the shading situation and collect other factors of influence
  • Site-specific weighting of several recognized sources of irradiation data, including local services (e.g. DWD) and satellite-based services (e.g. SolarGIS, Helio-Clim)
  • Simulation with independent expert software
  • Weighting of several recognized methods for irradiation transformation
  • Detailed shading analysis (horizon line, 3-D modeling of near shading objects)
  • Detailed breakdown of all relevant loss factors
Important for project developers and plant constructors
  • The irradiation sources we use take into account current trends, which often leads to higher yields
  • Notes on plannig optimization
  • Enhance the attractiveness of projects through higher transparency
  • Prescreening and preselection of projects
Important for investors and operators
  • High accuracy through use of multiple sources of irradiation
  • Use of scientifically accepted methods and tools
  • High objectivity and independence
  • Consideration of all relevant details
  • Objective evaluation of existing projects
PV-yield reports
All PV-yield reports are characterized by a precise description of the assumptions, methods, sources and possible uncertainties.
Further information
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