Among our customers are nameable companies of the solar branch, e.g.

Enerparc   REC solar   ib vogt saferay   Mainstream Renewable Power OCI Solar     Sunenergy     juwi ABB Sunpower     Phoenix Solar   Conergy   Colexon     Q-cells   Schott Solar   Sharp     a+f      Scatec   Parabel Ltd. Siemens     Solarhybrid
Enerparc, Siemens, Sharp, Conergy, Schott Solar, IBC Solar, Sunenergy, Mainstream Renewable, OCI Solar Power, Parabel Ltd., Phoenix Solar, Q-Cells, juwi, Colexon, Gildemeister, SunPower, ABB, Scatec Solar, saferay, SunPower, SunEdison, Solarhybrid, Phoenix Solar, ib vogt, REC Solar, Arraycon.

SolPEG yield analysis are accepted by banks and investors at home and abroad. In addition, we are on the list of approved appraisers at the DKB (German Credit Bank) and Bank of the environment (Umweltbank).
We work according to specifications of 'commitment for yield experts' (BSW), although some requirements are handled more strictly and the procedures are supplemented by the latest findings.

SolPEG statistic:

    • more than 1800 yield analysis and simualtions with
    • more than 13 GigaWatt total power

    • more than 1.1 GigaWatt system inspections

A list of reference projects is here