The competence of the employees is a crucial capital of any company. SolPEG helps to multiply this capital. Benefit from our expertise in the field of photovoltaics. We organize seminars in Hamburg on a regular basis focussing on yield- and cost-optimized plant planning and simulation software PVSYST.

PVSYST Trainings 2024

Our PVSYST Seminars will be held online as webinar. The next webinar covers the new version PVSYST 7. You are welcome to join.
For registration and more details please send an email or use the contact form
We offer an early bird fee of just 500 Euros per person for registrations until 2 weeks prior to the webinar. After that date the regular fee is 600 Euros per person.
The training is subject to sufficient registrations. The webinar may be canceled if there are not enough registrations.

Target audience: Planners and engineers
Content: Simulation of grid-connected pv-systems with PVSYST 7. From basics to expertise. Topics e.g. irradiation and meteo data, horizon shading, nearshading objects (3D), detailed losses, tracking systems, module & inverter modeling, PVSYST tools.
Since more than 15 years SolPEG offers professional seminars for the software PVSYST with practical training exercises.
Cost: 650 600 EUR per participant
Registration: Webinar






Since more than 15 years SolPEG offers professional seminars for the software PVSYST.
Further information
If there is a sufficient number of participants these seminars will be offered in other places and / or for an exclusive group of participants. We also offer trainings for other simulation programs, like PV*SOL or INSEL. In addition, we can lecture on other topics on one of your workshops and work out a customized seminar for you. Just contact us.