Acceptance / Inspection
A reliable yield can only be achieved with a high-quality construction. In addition, the built PV system should be in accordance with the planning and yield reports. Therefore it is important that a project is checked by independent experts in terms of quality, safety and standards compliance. Acceptance by the SolPEG GmbH is mainly based on the DIN-VDE-0100 (IEC 60364) with parts 400/500/600/712 and includes the following services:
  • Preparation: sifting relevant project and planning documents
  • Comparison of the structural design with the essential features of the yield report and the execution planning. Among other things, tilt, orientation and distance between rows of modules, cabling, wiring.
  • Plausibility check of the system performance with radiation measurement
  • Visual inspection of the structural design of the module installation, system installation and wiring, Wiring, inverter generator stations and junction boxes
  • Measurement of open circuit voltage, short circuit current, voltage-MPP, MPP-power, isolation and characteristic measurement individual strands
  • Thermographic images (optional)
  • Functional test of the monitoring system
  • Rework: execution of a final report, documentation of abnormalities, Optimization instructions, measurement protocols

SolPEG Inspektor Dieko Jacobi
Are the components installed correctly - we check it.

SolPEG Inspector Dieko Jacobi characteristic measurement with IV 400 Professional measurement technology - characteristic measurement with IV 400.

SolPEG themography recordings Fluke Ti27 Professional measurement technology - Themography-recordings with Fluke Ti27.

SolPEG themography recordings Problem areas - themography recordings show the invisible (undersized fuses).

SolPEG Thermographie-Aufnahme Hazards - themography recordings show the invisible (defective junction box).

SolPEG Abnahme nach EEG (Lampentest, Glühbirnentest) Commissioning according to EEG - we document the energy production with lightbulbs.

The SolPEG GmbH offers the following inspections:
• Interim and partial acceptance
• Construction progress report
• Mechanical completion report
• Final inspection
• Regular inspection
• Troubleshooting
• Low yield analysis
• Damage assessment
• PR measurement

SolPEG also works as a Technical Advisor and offers due diligence reports and interim and final inspections of PV installations. These include the review of planning documents and reports as well as external advisory activities.

Further information
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