Planning services
Besides the selection of individual components also their arrangement, dimensioning and interconnection have a perceptible impact on the performance ratio and hence on the energy yield of a PV system. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to make the correct decisions right from the start of the planning. Here, we support you with our expert knowledge and years of industry experience. Whether preplanning, submission planning or execution planning - from the module to the inverter - we can adjust our services to meet your individual needs. Among others, we offer:
  • Yield optimized inverter module interconnection
  • CAD layout for modules, frame arrangement and string wiring
  • DC cable dimensioning and loss calculation
  • Dimensioning of all DC wiring components
  • CAD DC switching plans with component labelling
  • Selection of monitoring system components
Of course our planning services include the revision of provided planning documents and extensive due diligence examinations.
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